2019 WAEC EXPO ON DATA processing THEORY & OBJ QUESTION & ANSWERS 2018-2019/2020 (Runz runs) what waec sets

2019 WAEC EXPO ON DATA processing THEORY & OBJ question & ANSWERS 2018-2019/2020 (Runz runs) what waec sets

We understand that most WAEC candidate sits for data processing which makes it one of the important subject in WAEC 2019/2020
So if you are searching for Data processing key points  and hot topics that will be useful for you in the forth coming 2019/2020 WAEC Data processing exams then you are in the right article.

WAEC 2019/2020 EXPO RUNS, Runz Data processing 1 & 2 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

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let’s give you a quick expo on how the 2019/2020 data processing will run.
Data processing will be divided into 2 paper

Questions And answers loading…..

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2019 Data processing paper 1: the first paper (one) will comprises of 50 questions and each questions carries 1 mark
2019 Data processing paper 2: the second section of Data processing will comprise of theory section and you are expected to answer just 5 sections.

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Check back 2 hrs before your exams

WAEC Data processing 2019/2020 hot key points to note

  • If you Don’t see any questions from the following topics then call me a prophet of doom.
  • We will like you to keep an eye on the following areas:
  • Hope you know how to handle data? If not read on that also study the types of data.
  • Study about the evolution and classifications of computer. (don’t joke with this part at all)
  • I hope you can define the term information transmission?
  • Hope if they ask you to write short note on the significance of networking you will do that without looking back? What about MAN, LAN, WAN?
  • Study about the tools used in data processing and also data management.
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Data procession theory

Write short note on the following:
Input Devices.
ii. Output Devices.
iii. System Unit.
iv. Storage Devices

Draw a clear graph showing different computing devices [5 marks]

More questions loading………


  • Please read this instruction so that you won’t fall in WAEC hot soup
  • Don’t open your booklet until you are told to do so.
  • If you don’t write down your exam number and your name you won’t have any score on Data processing, so make sure you first write down your details.
  • Don’t make use of anything less than HB pencil when answering the OBJ section
  • Remember that if you are seen with expo your WAEC result might be withheld (it shall not be your portion amen)
  • Tick your name on the attendance register
  • Go through what you have written so far if they are error free before submitting
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