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2019/2020 WAEC EXPO ON MATHEMATICS QUESTIONS & ANSWERS /THEORY & OBJ ANSWERS 2018-2019/2020 MATHS (Runz runs) what waec sets

2019 WAEC EXPO ON MATHEMATICS THEORY & OBJ ANSWERS 2018-2019/2020 MATHS (Runz runs) what waec sets

In this article we shall not only show you useful mathematics questions we shall give you WAEC MATHEMATICS key points and hot topics to read.

waec syllabus 2019/2020
Are you searching for WAEC Mathematics questions and answers that will be of help to you in the forth coming 2019/2020 WAEC? if yes then you are highly welcome to the largest destructor of all exams past questions and answers.

Note: we will never ask you to pay or send any money to us. Beware of fraud as we don’t participate in any illegality.

Disclaimer: This post is a personal opinion of the writer and it’s for educational purposes only, not necessarily 100% what you will see.

WAEC Mathematics is very important to all science courses and business undergraduate program in the university, this is the more reason you must take the 2019/2020 WAEC Mathematics exams very serious.


Questions And answers loading…..

Don’t send money to any one claiming they are from this siteWe will never demand for money. Please be careful

If recent we have received multiple requests from WAEC candidates asking us to show them how the 2019/2020 MATHS will look like, so join us as we expose every details to you here free of charge.

The 2019/2020 MATHS question will be very hot but won’t be different from previously set questions. Now the question paper will be divided into 2 sections

  • 2019 WAEC Mathematics paper 1: the 2019 Mathematics paper 1 or section one is all about the OBJ section where a maximum of 50 questions will be ask. Each question carries 1 mark.
  • 2019 WAEC Mathematics paper 2: the 2019 Mathematics section 2 is nothing more than the theory sections where you will be given Mathematics problem to solve.

WAEC Mathematics 2019/2020 hot key points to note

Please and please take this hot key point very serious.

  • Study everything that has to do with sets (WAEC must set questions from here)
  • Try as much as you can to understand all the law of indices & algorithm and also learn how to convert a base to another.
  • If you don’t know how to solve problem direct, inverse, joint and partial variations please look for someone to teach you or wait for my next articles where i will brake everything down.
  • Study quadratic inequalities and learn how to interpret it graphs very well
  • Finally Study everything that has to do with progression and binary operations

WAEC OBJ and THEORY question

We decided to post it on a separate page so as not to confuse you click here to access it now


  • Opening your questions paper before the exam starts is against the rule
  • Make use of HB pencil through out in the OBJ section and pen or biro in the theory section
  • Being caught with expo might make WAEC withheld your result so be very careful
  • Don’t forget to write your name first, exam number, center number before any other thing.
  • This is Mathematics don’t ever forget to come into the hall with a calculator
  • Go through what you have written so far if they are error free before submitting

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