Nigerian navy recruitment form portal 2020/2021 list of shortlisted successful candidates/Date and time of screening| Recruit & nigerianavyrecruitment navy forms for sale / seamen sea women Dscc/ssc

Nigeria navy recruitment form

Nigerian navy recruitment form portal 2020/2021 Recruit & /ssc navy forms for sale / seamen sea women

We have provided this detailed guild to assist those who are aspiring to become seaman and sea women or /SSC. This article is well detailed enough to help you successfully apply for the 2020/2021 Nigerian Navy recruitment form.

Nigeria navy recruitment form

In this article you shall find out when the Nigerian Navy application form for 2020/2021 will be out for sale, you shall also be inform of the closing date.

The Nigerian Navy as at today remains the largest in terms of population in Africa, please don’t be confused the Nigerian Navy is a branch of the Nigerian armed forces, recalled that the Nigerian armed forces is divided into 3 groups which are:

  • The Nigerian army
  • The Nigerian Air force
  • The Nigerian Navy.

The Nigerian Navy in conjunction with other security services protect the nation from foreign aggression.

There are several channels through which you can apply and join the Nigerian Navy, some of this channels requires just O level credentials while others requires BSc degree credentials.

Joining the Nigerian Navy through recruit |O level & OND results 2020/2021

Applicants who want to join the Nigerian Navy with their O level results or OND results can apply through the non commission recruitment process.

Qualifications for 2020/2021 Nigerian army recruitment

  • Ensure you are a Nigerian citizen first.
  • Make sure that your O level results are intact this include : WAEC, NECO, GCE City and Guilds or London City and Guilds.
  • Applicant who are holders of OND certificates can apply but you will be graded in the same level with SSCE holders
  • You must not be married by the time of your application
  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 22 by the time of your application.
  • Your height is taken into consideration ; for Male you must be upto 1.70, while Female 1.67
  • Those with criminal records can’t apply.
  • Those who are not medically and mentally fit should not apply.

How to apply for the Nigerian Navy as a secondary school , NCE holder 2020/2021

  • To apply for the Nigerian Navy recruitment as SSCE, OND and NCE holder you must visit the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal @
  • Make sure you create an account with your valid email address.
  • Confirm your email address through the link they sent you.
  • Sign in to access the Nigerian Navy recruitment form.
  • Supply the necessary information before clicking on submit.

Finally don’t forget to print :

  1. guarantor’s form,
  2. consent forms,
  3. form filled by your Local Government Chairman, Traditional ruler

Joining Nigerian Navy through Direct short service commission course /graduate 2020/2021 :

Joining the Nigerian Navy through the direct short service course (non combatant) comes with a lot of requirements and qualifications, in fact you have to be a graduate of any higher institution in Nigeria before you can apply.
The direct short service commission course is only open to graduates who are done with their degree programs and also are through with the NYSC compulsory service.

But one of the limitation here is that unlike those who are are enlisted into the Nigerian Navy as a recruit, position that normally comes up through the DSSC only come up when ever such a vacant position is available and this is only possible if senior ranking officers are on compulsory retirement or other needs arises.

Before you can join the Nigerian Navy as a graduate like i said before you need to meet certain requirements and most of this requirements hinges primarily on your academic qualifications and that is what we are going to discourse here :

Requirements to Join the Nigerian Navy through DSSC /graduate 2020/2021

What does it take to join the Nigerian Navy 2020/2021?

  • First and foremost you must be a citizen of Nigeria, foreigners are not welcome for now.
  • You must be mentally fit, sound before you can apply
  • Your age is also taken into consideration.
  • You must not be less than 1.7m for the male applicant and 1.67m for female applicants
  • You will be subjected to screening and you must pass all medical screening test that will be conducted on you.
  • You must be a graduate from any recognized institution from the world.

If you look at all we just listed you Will discovered that the Nigerian Navy only need men who are sound and fit not only academically but also mentally and medically and as such they subject all applicants through various test and screening to ascertain their true health condition.

How to buy the Nigerian Navy form 2020/2021.

recruitment into the Nigerian Navy does not involves any fee, you are not meant to buy form or pin before you can access the Nigerian Navy recruitment form online. The form is strictly free and can be access online by all Nigerians any time any day.
Any site or persons claiming to be an agent or partner with the Nigerian Navy might not be genuine.

Before applying for the Nigerian Navy Dssc you must have a functional email address and also a phone number.

How to apply as a Naval Officer as a Graduate (DSSC) 2020/2021

All graduates who are aspiring of joining the Nigerian Navy as a graduate must follow this laid down rules before their application can reach the appropriate channels.

  • First you have to visit the Nigerian Navy recruitment portal
  • Confirm if what you studied in the higher institution is listed among what they have on the site.
  • Once you confirm that your course of study is listed, quickly sign up and fill your necessary details they ask you.
  • You have to confirm or validate your email before signing back to access the Nigerian recruitment form
  • Make sure all information you provided on the form is valid, false information will never be entertained.
  • Finally click on submit, print out your acknowledgement slip.

Note: you must make a print out of the following forms:

  1. guarantor’s form,
  2. consent forms,
  3. form filled by your Local Government Chairman, Traditional ruler

Then take this form to the screening center for follow up.

Nigerian Navy Short Service recruitment 2020/2021

Most Nigerians don’t really understand the difference between Nigerian navy short service course and Nigerian army Direct short service commission course.

In this article we shall try to give a proper understanding about the meaning, who can apply and how to apply for the Nigerian Navy short service.
THE Nigerian Navy short service is a course in the Nigerian Navy usually conducted on yearly basis,applicant here are trained to become combatant personnel of the Nigerian Navy.

The major difference is that official of the short service course are trained to be combatant while that of the Direct short service commission are non combatant personnel.

Note: successful applicants are called cadet and will be placed on a monthly salary while undergoing their course.

What is the duration of the Nigerian Navy short service course?

Once you have been enlisted you will be subjected to intensive training and the course normally last up to 9 months

Nigerian Navy short service recruitment requirements 2020/2021

  1. Nationality : you must be from Nigeria
  2. Age recruitment: application are only accepted from applicants who are between the age of 18 to 35 years of age.
  3. Marital status : applicant must not be married.
  4. Health issues: applicant must be free from any chronic illness or medical condition, you must be mentally fit
  5. pregnant pregnant women are not allowed to apply
  6. You must have a clean track record. You must not have any police case.

How to apply for the Nigerian Navy short service course 2020/2021

  • Before you begin your application you should try as much as you can to read all institutions given on the website.
  • Proceed to the Nigerian Navy recruitment website and create an account.
  • Application is free of charge, you aren’t paying any fee.
  • Before you can login to access the Nigerian Navy recruitment form you have to first validate your email account by clicking on the link sent to you.
  • Once you sign in, you will be able to access the recruitment form, fill it ( don’t give false information as any details you enter can’t be corrected again)

Important update about the Nigerian Navy recruitment 2020/2021

  • Never you impersonate anyone while applying, make sure all information you supplied are correct.
  • Those who successfully applied will be invited for a screening interview.
  • Only name of successful candidates will be published online at the Nigerian Navy websites.
  • Please note that those whose name where published will be subjected to further screening and aptitude test.
  • Applicant who performed well in the aptitude test and other screening exercise will be admitted into the Nigerian Navy.
  • Note that those who applied for Direct short service and short service Will be places on monthly salary while undergoing the training.
  • Only graduates are allowed to apply for direct short service and short service
  • While coming for the interview, you must bring a letter of recommendation from the following persons :
  1. Your local government chairman
  2. High ranking military officer
  3. Inspector General of police
  4. Finally their clear passport photography must be attached to the recommendation letter

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