Nigerian army recruitment form 2020-2021 79rri (79rri) starting & closing date /latest news here (non-tradesmen & women)

Nigerian army recruitment form 2019/2020

Nigerian army recruitment form 2020/2021

Let’s look at the much anticipated Nigeria army recruitment form for the year

Do you want to know when the Nigerian army will start recruiting for the year 2020/2021? this page will give you all information that will help you get enlisted into the largest military force in Africa.

Name of shortlisted candidates for screening would be released on 2nd December 2019 on the website.

Shortlisted candidates are to report to their respective states of origin for the screening exercise on 8 December 2019.

Successful candidates would be transported to Deport NA for documentation and training from 23 December 2019.

Please note that the 2019 Nigerian army recruitment has ends on 29th November and all is now set for the 2020 recruitment exercise that will come up any moment from now. 

So I will like you to slowly read this article from A-Z and don’t be in a haste because we will  tell you when the form will be out, date of the screening exercise and the process involve in the screening exercise. So this article will be an interesting one that you must not miss.

Nigerian army recruitment form

The Nigeria army is governed  by the Nigerian army council and as at today it’s the largest military in Africa with an active military personal of about 124,000 with a view of increasing their number in 2020/2021 Nigerian army recruitment exercise.

Nigerian army registration process 2020/2021 (79RRI) 

Nigerian army recruitment
The 2019 Nigerian army recruitment was tagged 78rri while the 2020 recruitment will be tagged 79rri and its going to be interesting. The form will be decided any moment from now.

Nigerian army recruitment requirement 2020-2021

  • First you must be a Nigerian citizen before you can serve in the Nigerian army
  • You don’t need to belong to any secret cult
  • Avoid tattoos of any kind
  • Dont apply if you have flat toes
  • Dont apply if you are pregnant
  • Dont apply of you are above 22 years of age (non-tradesmen women
  • Also don’t apply if you are below 18 years of age (non-tradesmen women)
  •  tradesmen  and women must be between 18 – 26years of age.
  • You must be free from debt of any kind.

Documents needed before applying for the Nigerian army recruitment form 2020/2021

Before you apply make sure you have all this document at hand and they are ready for upload.

  • Declaration and Certification by Parents / Guardian Form.
  • Local Government Area Certification Form.
  • Police Certification Form.
  • Guarantors Form.

Nigerian army 79rri /79rri recruitment starting and closing date 2020/2021

The Nigerian army recruitment closing date for the 79rri 2019 application period was 29th November , 2019. You will recall that the application actually started in oct 2019 . 

How to Apply for Nigerian Army Recruitment 2020/2021

The Nigerian army usually open it portal immediately they are set to conduct their yearly recruitment.

If you are interested in applying or have an interest of be homing a soldier of the federal republic of Nigeria its now time do apply by following this procedure below:

  • The form can be access here
  • So you should log on to get the form free of charge.
  • The Nigerian army said that you should apply once. That is just one application per candidate.
  • The recruitment process will be conducted at the Nigerian army recruitment portal @
  • To start you need to signup with a valid email address
  • While choosing your password make sure its solid to prevent hacking
  • Get your passport ready, this should be a recent passport of you.
  • Complete the registration by clicking the registration button.

Note : you don’t need to pay any money to buy any form, registration is free of charge.

Nigerian Army Recruitment 2020/2021: Follow-up

I personally included this here to serve as a reminder to you to always visit this page to get the latest information about the Nigerian army recruitment form 2020/2021.

I know some candidates will just go and sit down and be expecting phone calls or SMS please always strive to know the latest update, always check your inbox to know what others are doing and finally bookmark this page and check it out once in a week.

Important notice for the 2020/2021 Nigerian army 79rri recruitment applicant

  1. There might be no pre selection exercise that is based on computer test for applicants. That is what the Nigerian army recruitment board said.
  2. Disregard any one that promises to post you to a special center for easy screening and recruitment.
  3. The Nigerian army recruitment board said this year that it won’t make use of zonal screening centers for any exercise so be wise and on alert.
  4. All applicant are only needed to participate in a screening venue which will be conducted in the 36 states of the federation.
  5. You are expected to come for the screening very early on a given date that will be communicated to you all soon.
  6. Ensure that all information submitted are true and correct because false information will only disqualify you.
  7. While going for the screening venue please print out your bank verification number for it is needed.
  8. The Nigerian army recruitment form is free, don’t pay money to anyone to influence your chances of being recruited.
  9. If you run into any problems during and after the registration process please contact the following numbers which are :0905 992 4328 and 0802 656 9770.
  10. The name of those who were successful will be published on the Nigerian army recruitment portal.
  11. A given date will be announce later in which you and all applicants that applied will report for a screening exercise in your state of origin.

The Nigerian army screening exercise 2020/2021

The Nigerian army run a transparent recruitment process that has been highly rated as one of the best ever conducted by any military and para military body in the country.

This is the more reason you should be weary of those individuals who claim that they are Major General this and that, please remain alert and don’t reply fraudulent mails claiming to be from the Nigerian army.

Although once you apply you will be called to come for a zonal screening exercise that should take place in every zone. While in the screening venue please don’t engage anyone who claims that they are official.

While going for the screening exercise please take the following document with you :

  • Primary School Certificate (Original)
  • Primary School Testimonial (Original)
  • Secondary School Testimonial (Original)
  • Trade Test Certificate (for tradesmen/tradeswomen only)
  • Statement of Results for WAEC/NECO or equivalent (Original/Computer Printout)
  • Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age
  • Certificate of State of Origin
  • Completed and signed 75RRI form (Certificate of Guarantor with passport photograph)

Note: Get your writing materials along with you. Get some white short, single and white shoe or canvas because you are to appear on white through out your stay in the screening venue.
Anything apart from white is prohibited and you will be disciplined if caught. You all know that your instructors are all military personnel and they don’t condone indiscipline of any kind.

Latest update on the Nigerian army recruitment applicant form 2020/2021

Due to the anti terrorism campaign in the North East and the ever increasing unrest in most part of the country such as the Middle-belt, North-Central and part of North-West it is very evident that the Nigerian army will be needing much more manpower to be able to face and tackle this challenges.

With out this manpower the Nigerian territorial integrity will be put in jeopardy. Lives will be wasted on daily basis hence the government have to act fast to keep the nation safe through the Nigerian army.

The Nigerian army will carry another massive recruitment know as the 79RRI which is going to come up very soon. Please note that entering the Nigerian army right now is very easy and not as difficult as in the last 10 years ago.

If you have passion for the job this is the right time to act, get the form of the Nigerian army and process it once it is out for immediate recruitment.

I want to get update on the Nigerian army recruitment 79rri recruitment update 2020/2021

We are very much aware that majority of our readers are looking forward for updates from our team. On daily basis we got thousands of visit and hundred of requests asking us about when the Nigerian army recruitment is going to commence.

Well we have to be honest with you all, of a truth we can’t send out requests to everyone individually, the best thing to do is to automate the process, whereby with a push notification everyone gets first hand and timely information and alert from our team.

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Nigerian army recruitment portal latest update 2020/2021

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