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Jamb 2019/2020 : You Don’t Need To Create A Profile On Jamb CAPS Portal To Accept 2018 Admission- See fact

Jamb 2019/2020 : You Don’t Need To Create A Profile On Jamb CAPS Portal To Accept Admission- See fact

Do i need to create jamb profile to check my admission status?
Jamb profile login
So many jamb candidates Jamb candidates have been asking if they actually need to create a jamb profile before they will be able to check they can accept their admission on Jamb caps portal.

We understand that that has started giving admission and so many aspirant don’t know if their school of choice or even jamb has offered them admission.

Majority of aspirant who want to check their admission status on Jamb caps admission portal are finding it difficult to do so while there is a myth that you need to create a jamb profile before you can actually check your admission status on JAMB Caps Portal.

Today we are going to clear all your doubts and show you how you can check your admission status now to be sure if your stand.

Please you don’t need to create a new jamb profile to check Your admission status on JAMB Caps Portal, all you have to do is just to access the jamb caps portal links and check.

I have written down a comprehensive guide on how to do that here

Do you still have any thing or question to ask concerning this burning issue disturbing a lot of candidates?
If yes just chat me up then I will respond, make use of the comment box below OK.

Please note that accessing jamb caps site is free of charge, don’t let anyone defraud you of your hard earned money.

Now that you have found out that you don’t need to create jamb profile before checking your Jamb profile, it’s now to check and if you have been offered admission don’t fail to print your admission letter.

Click here to check if your second choice of schools has given you admission

Are you having invalid password or credentials while trying to access jamb caps portal then don’t worry we have got you covered by creating this interesting guide to help you overcome this challenge

All our services is free of charge, we will guide you to achieve your goals

how to accept admission on Jamb caps portal

check your admission status on JAMB Caps Portal now

check CAPS portal to see if other schools has offered you admission

click here to see when jamb will start giving admission

Resolve problem of invalid credentials here

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