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jamb.org.ng ExaminationSlip 2019/2020 : When Will JAMB Start Sending Exam Date And Center? See Answer here

Jamb 2019/2020 : When Will JAMB Start Sending Exam Date And Center? See Answer here

Now that you have finally done with all aspect of the 2019/2020 jamb registration its time and get ready to start looking forward to the exam date and venue.

Jamb 2019/2020 : When Will JAMB Start Sending Exam Date And Center? See Answer here

Now that you are through with your jamb registration there are certain things you must know about the forth coming 2019/2020 jamb exam.

First we want you to know that jamb will decide the venue, date and time of your exam.

If you carefully check your jamb slip you will discover that jamb did not include your exam venue, date and time of the exam and this important details is necessary.

Has jamb started sending out 2019/2020 jamb exam venue, date and time?

As at the time of writing this article the joint admission and Matriculation board jamb has not started sending out exams venue, date and exam time.

You have to understand that the 2019/2020 jamb registration is still on, thousands of candidates are still registering and it will be unwise for jamb to start sending out venues, date and time now.

They have to wait till everyone has registered, then they will now allocate candidates to various centers.

You don’t have to worry we are going to teach you how to get your exam date and time immediately it’s out.

When To Check JAMB Exam Date And Center 2019/2020

There are laid down procedures that every candidate must follow so as to reprint their jamb slip.

Jamb reprinting is very easy and less cumbersome, in fact you do not need to visit the jamb accredited center to do that as you can easily do that your self from the comfort of your home..

How To Check JAMB Exam Center & Date 2019/2020

I have written down a procedure that will guide you to effectively print your jamb slip to know your exam date, time and venue.
To do that you have to follow this like now

2019/2020 Jamb registration deadline

If you want to know the exact date that the 2019/2020 jamb registration is going to end then you have to check out our other article that clearly states how and when the registration process will end.

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