Jamb 2019 going to send our exams centers and other information?|2019/2020 jamb has not sent my centre

Jamb going to send our exams centers and other information?|jamb has not sent my centre 2019/2020

The Joint admission and Matriculation board jamb said it will send all 2019/2020 JAMB candidates exam date, center and time just few days before the exam.
Jamb going to send our exams centers and other information?|jamb has not sent my centre

in anticipating for this, we learnt that a lot of candidates did not receive their centers from jamb in 2018 academic session. Which made a lot of candidates to start saying “jamb has not sent my centre”

jamb has not sent my centre

You have to understand that JAMB is sending or will be sending the 2019/2020 JAMB exams date, center and time in batches and probably they have not gotten to your batch yet. That is why you have not received your center.

It might even be that your center will be among the next batch they are going to send tonight. You just have to relax and wait.

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But if you are uncomfortable with the delay and you want to check your center right now, there is is a solution to that and there is a way you can do that here

how to check my jamb center

I have written an interesting guide that will help you all who are experiencing this problem right now or those who jamb has not sent my centre. Click here to read now

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Important information to all jamb candidates :

Please you have to adhere to all instruction jamb has outlined.

  1. Don’t bring your phones to the Hall.
  2. Don’t bring any scientific calculator because jamb will provide you one.
  3. Don’t bring your wristwatch to the exam venue
  4. Try to arrive on time, at least 2 hours before your exam Time.

Always have it in mind that jamb won’t reschedule any exam, its best you try your best so you don’t miss this exam.

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