Junior Waec (BECE) 2019/2020 Registration And Examination Date|junior WAEC is starting & closing date

Junior Waec (BECE) 2019/2020 Registration And Examination Date|junior WAEC is starting & closing date

The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) 2019 Registration and Examination Date and other information will be discussed here today.

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Are you in JSS3 and you are preparing to sit for Junior WAEC exams which is coming forth very soon? Then this post is for you.


Please have it in mind that the junior WAEC registration for 2019 actually started around Monday, October 8, 2018, and will close on Friday, December 2018.

Hope you know that you are not allowed to register outside unless under a school, just do everything within your power to make sure you register on time before the deadline..

But we understand that most schools are not approved or don’t have approved centers in this case your school might likely partner with another approved center.

You don’t like to register under your school? If that’s the case then you must be quick about this, look for a cool school around and register. Please be aware that you must do this at least first term.

So if you are in JSS3 right now meet the administrator of your school, tell them you want to pay for your BECE 2019 examination and trust me they will register you.

Number of subjects you can register in (BECE) junior WAEC exams 2019/2020

The maximum number of subjects you can register is just 10 subjects that you are good in although, your school will direct you on how to go about it but please have it in mind that you must pass 6 subjects out of these 10 subjects.

Junior WAEC Grading system 2019/2020.

We want you to familiarize your self with the grading system of Junior WAEC.
Remember that you are to register for 10 subjects out of 18 subjects and from Tia 10 subjects you should get a minimum of 6 subjects right.

The grading system is as follows:

A – Distinction
B – Upper Credit
C – Lower Credit
P – Pass
F – Fail

when is junior waec 2019 starting

The 2019/2020 junior WAEC will start around JUNE 2019.
Make sure start reading your books, study all syllabus available out there to equip your self for success.


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  1. Adebayo Adeyinka

    Nice posts

  2. Please when is the actual date for the commencement of the junior WAEC and the day it will end..

    1. Monday 10th to Friday 14th of June

      1. Today is the 10th and the timetable is not even out

  3. Plz we don wait tire ooooooo
    na when junior waec go start abeg make u na tell us nah

  4. When is the actual date for Junior waec and time table.

  5. please junior waec time table

    1. Whats the sate,the month and the timetable.

      1. U miss spelt date

    2. We are tired of waiting send us time table

  6. tell us we are tired plz

  7. When Is The Date For The Junior Waec and pls show us the times table pls

  8. Chidera chinedu ubah

    Pls Junior Waec times Table

    1. Ibrahim Yemi Sheriff

      Notify me of junior waec 2019 examination date please

    2. Jimoh Qudus Oladimeji

      please the junior waec timetable

  9. This is really great.

    1. Pls the junior waec timetable

  10. tell us please
    we need to know

    1. The junior waec 2019/2020 will begin on 25july and end on July 2

      1. 25 july and 2 july how is possible,plz confirm de ritw date

      2. Timetable is out…FINALLY!!! Exams will begin on the 24th of June and end on the 2nd of July… 7 working days in total…

        1. Exams begin on the 24th of Jul and end on the 2nd of July… check your timetable if u’ve got one

  11. Why is Ogun exam ALWAYS like this?

  12. Plz its Monday 10th to Friday 14th of June.Plz note dat der is no exam on Wednesday 12th of June becoz of Democracy day.De timestable is out

    1. Pls where is the timetable….I am here in PH and timetable is not out yet

  13. Please which books ve you bin reading for the jnr waec

  14. Pls where is the timetable….I am here in PH and it’s not out yet

  15. Robinson W.G Israel

    Sorry. But I heard that the Junior Waec exams.has been postponed. Please is this true or just a rumour

  16. pls send me the timetable when it comes out my whatsapp number is 07059655008. Thank you.

  17. Pls sand me the timetable for jsce junior waec pls now

  18. Pls why are we kept in the dark about the date of the exams and as also the time table.

  19. Ogunleye Emmanuel peace

    Pls I need the junior waec timetable

  20. I need junior waec timetable

  21. please junior wace timetable

  22. please I needjunior weac timetable

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