Peak Talent Hunt Registration form 2019/2020 and Audition Date | Peak Talent Hunt Audition Venue –starting and closing date

Peak Talent Hunt Registration form 2019/2020 and Audition Date | Peak Talent Hunt Audition Venue –starting and closing date

When is the peak talent hunt show registration starting? When will they start accepting registration for 2018/2019 edition?
Peak Talent Hunt Registration

This are the questions most prospective peak talent hunt aspirant have been asking and searching all over the net but today we shall not only update you on when the registration form is starting but we shall also give you a step by step tutorial on how to apply and successfully complete registration form.

The peak talent hunt show is a program organised in Nigeria on yearly basis, the program seeks to give participants the platform to showcase their talent that has some worth of entertainment value. This program is air or broadcasted live on air with thousands of viewers watching. Honestly it is a nice program that you must never miss.

Note: this program is targeted at mothers who are between the ages of 22 and 45 of families in the ABC1 SEC.

How does the peak talent hunt show works 2019/2020?

When the peak talent hunt begins, 4 acts are normally selected by a well respected and reputable panel of judges who are normally from each zones.

Now in Nigeria we have about 6 zones which are :

  • South East
  • South South
  • South west
  • North East
  • North West
  • North center

From this political zones about 4 act will be selected (4 multiply by 6 =24)
So at the end of the day we are going to have 24 act. This 24 act will be sent to Lagos where the competition will be held.

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To this end aspirant and applicant must be ready to leave their comfort zones to participate for the program.

The best performing act will be selected from the 24 by the panel of judges, what will now be left will be 12 act. This 12 act will proceed to the peak talent house where the real hot competition will be done. The program is real fun.

Note that a voting system will be adopted where viewers at home will have to vote to make everything look credible.

How to Register Peak Talent Hunt for 2019/2020

What most applicants or aspirant who want to participate in the competition wholeheartedly have been asking is ” how can i register or apply for the peak talent hunt show for the 2019/2020?” well just follow the step i have outline below to successfully send your application now :

  • To participate in the peak talent show you must be a Nigerian
  • You must be residing in Nigeria
  • You must be up to 18 years of age before applying
  • You must have supporting document to prove your age.
  • You must have a valid prove of identity.
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Peak Talent HuntRegistration Prizes

  • 1st Prize: N10 Million Naira Package [2019 Updated]
  • 2nd Prize: N1 Million Naira and IPad2 each [2019 Updated]
  • 3rd Prize: N1 Million Naira and IPad2 [2019 Updated]

How to Apply for Peak Talent Hunt Registration 2019/2020

Note that at the time of writing this article the 2018 peak talent hunt has not began.
Stick around we shall update you when the form will be out.

If you have or meet the requisite requirements then quickly log onto

And register.

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