See Waec 2019/2020 Withheld Results And When It Would Be Released |when is waec held result coming out 2019/2020

See Waec 2019/2020 Withheld Results And When It Would Be Released |when is waec held result coming out 2019/2020

In this article you shall get to find out the latest information about the 2019/2020 WAEC withheld results and We shall tell you the mean reasons why your results where withheld.

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Year after year WAEC have been in the habit of withholding a lot of candidates results,

Why did WAEC withheld my results 2019/2020

There are several reasons that might cause this problem, most of this problem might be individuals based or might be from the center ( school you registered with)

  1. Errors on your results: those who are in this category should not worry themselves, once this error has been rectified your results will be release
  • If by any chance WAEC found out that you disobey or flaunt their rules and regulation there is every reason that they might withheld your result.
  • If WAEC found out that candidates are answering the same questions using the same words they might be forced to withheld results of those who engage in this act.
  • If candidates in your center are in the habit of using expo, copying from textbooks or even making use of mobile phones to answer questions and the report gets to WAEC’s head office they might be forced to investigate.

Will withheld results be ever released

Despite the fact that thousands of results where withheld the good news is that thousands of this withheld results will still be released.
Only those candidates who where found guilty of any of the above we mentioned above during the exam will be annulled

You don’t need to panic, just put everything to prayer and check back later.

When will withheld results be released? 2019/2020

Like we said above you have to be patient. NEC have to meet first before they will decide on the fate of those who found themselves in this category.
But the truth of the matter is that WAEC will have to get to work by separating the results of those who used expo or who engage in malpractice from those who wrote the exams with out breaking any rules. Only then will withheld result be release.


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  2. Is it still possible to release all my witheld result, with no canceling none of my subject result, I’m worried

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