UNILAG school fees 2019/2020 acceptance fee |hostel accommodation fee for new and returning students

1 out of every 10 Jambites wants to school in UNILAG. Everyone wants to study in the university of Lagos ( UNILAG) this is evident in the number of students currently schooling in UNILAG, as at today more than 57,000 are currently studying various courses under UNILAG full time program and over 100,000 JAMB candidates choose UNILAG as their preferred choice of study.

Unilag postgraduate school

To most Nigerians, if it is not UNILAG they are not going to accept or school in any other institution,The school is so popular and highly sought after , one can even compare gaining admission into UNILAG to securing an American visa lol.

securing admission into UNILAG is one thing but footing your bills is a different ball game all together.
But everything comes with a price, with out being told UNILAG is located in the commercial capital of Nigeria, which means that basic necessities of life ( good food, housing, transportation etc) will be very expensive.

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In this article we are going to give you a clear details on how much you are going to spend on school fees, acceptance fees and hostel accommodation fees while we are going to leave other expenses for another day.

Have you asked your self ” how much is UNILAG school fees?” if yes then you will find the answer to your question here.

UNILAG School Fees – Undergraduates.

UNILAG Undergraduate School Fees – Fresh Students.

Note if you are a Mobile user: just Scroll carefully to the side to view all the information on the table below:

1. Acceptance N20,000.00 N20,000.00
2. Registration N5,000.00 N5,000.00
3. Identity Card N1,000.00 N1,000.00
4. Result Verification N5,000.00 N5,000.00
5. Examination N2,500.00 N2,500.00
6. Sports N1,000.00 N1,000.00
7. Medical Services N5,000.00 N5,000.00
8. Lab. Services N10,000.00
9. Library Services N2,500.00 N2,500.00
10. Students’ Handbook N1,000.00 N1,000.00
11. Information Tech. (IT) N2,000.00 N2,000.00
12. Endowment Fund N5,000.00 N5,000.00
13. Hire of Gown for Matriculation N1,000.00 N1,000.00
14. TISHIP N5,000.00 N5,000.00
TOTAL N66,000.00 N56,000.00

UNILAG Undergraduate School Fees – Returning Students.

Note if you are a Mobile user: just Scroll carefully to the side to view all the information on the table below:

1. Registration N1,000.00 N1,000.00
2. Identity Card N1,000.00 N1,000.00
3. Examination N2,000.00 N2,000.00
4. Sports N1,000.00 N1,000.00
5. Medical Services N1,000.00 N1,000.00
6.. Lab. Services N5,000.00
7. Information Tech. (IT) N1,000.00 N1,000.00
8. Library Services N1,500.00 N1,500.00
9. Endowment Fund N1,000.00 N1,000.00
10. TISHIP N5,000.00 N5,000.00
TOTAL N19,500.00 N14,500.00

UNILAG acceptance fee 2019/2020

The university of Lagos acceptance fee is 20,000 naira only. There is a process you all need to follow to pay the fees.

How to Make Payment of Unilag Hostel Accommodation 2019/2020

The management of UNILAG has provided procedures for anyone who wants to secure an accommodation to follow:

Category A Returning students (Year 2 – 5) Monday, November 27 – Friday, December 1, 2019
Category B Freshers (UTME & Direct Entry) Monday, October , 2019
Category C Freshers (male only for newly renovated Sodeinde Hall , ₦60,000) on first come- first-served basis Monday November 2019
  • First log into unilag.edu.ng
  • Then you can click on Hostel payment information
  • You can pay online or through any bank.


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