2020/2021 jamb: Does Jamb Postpone Examinations and Registration deadlines? See details here

2020/2021 jamb: Does Jamb Postpone Examinations and Registration deadlines? See details here

Does Jamb Postpone registration deadline or does jamb postpone examination date? This are the questions most jamb candidates are asking as they struggle to know if the 2020/2021 jamb registration deadline will be postponed or if their exam date will be shifted or postponed.

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There are certain things we will like you to know about jamb examination timetable, how it is fixed and what you should expect.

Does Jamb Postpone registration deadline?

First let’s discuss about the possibility of shifting the 2020/2021 jamb registration deadline.
Every year immediately JAMB online registration start, the exam board must state or give out the deadline, it’s now left for candidates who want to register for the exam to respond, do their registration before the given deadline.

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Although there are some situation JAMB might shift the deadline a little just to give more or extra grace to those who couldn’t meet up due to the overwhelming crowd in the registration center.The deadline is given to allow more candidates turn up.

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So it’s possible for jamb to shift or extend the 2019/2020 registration deadline.

Does Jamb Postpone Examination date.

The truth of the matter is that jamb reserves the right to postpone an already scheduled exams if the date fall on any public holiday, religious celebration or if the exams could not hold on the schedule date due to system failure etc.

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What’s your view about all we have written above?

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