Gulder Ultimate Search Registration 2019-2020 and see when gulder ultimate search is starting |website and how to apply gulderultimatesearch tv

Gulder Ultimate Search Registration 2019-2020 and see when gulder ultimate search is starting |website and how to apply gulderultimatesearch tv

We noticed that Most Nigerians has asking “when is gulder ultimate search starting” “please show me the gulder ultimate search website” while others are simply asking when is the next Gulder Ultimate Search?

If you have ever asked any of the above questions then gently read this guide from A-Z to properly understand the application process of Gulder ultimate search, the starting date and also the application closing date.

It will be better if we first explain what Gulder ultimate search is all about before moving to how to apply and when will the next Gulder Ultimate Search Registration 2018-2019/2020 be starting.
Gulder Ultimate Search

Gulder ultimate search 2019 /2020

The Gulder ultimate search is a Nigerian reality TV series popularly called Gus by fans who has made the show their favorite reality TV show. The show is primarily sponsored by the Gulder lager beer.

In the program about 20 to 30 contestant are placed in a tight and unpleasant environment where they struggle for survival mostly in the wild in their search for a hidden treasure in the wild
Note : the Gulder ultimate search is anchored by Chidi Mokeme who is a successful Nollywood actor.

TV Channels where you can watch the Gulder Ultimate Search.

This are the list of TV stations in Nigeria That air the Gulder Ultimate Search Reality TV shows.

  1. TV3
  • Get TV
  • Wap TV
  • Ebony Life TV
  • Silverbird TV
  • Minaj TV
  • Galaxy TV
  • Clare TV
  • Nigerzie
  • Africa Magic
  • NTA

Gulder Ultimate Search Qualification/Requirement 2019/2020

Before you can download and fill the Gulder ultimate search reality TV series application form you must meet certain minimum requirements set by the sponsor of the program.

  1. Age: before you can apply for Gulder ultimate search TV series you must be up to 18 years of age and not more than 30.
  2. Health : you must be healthy enough,must not show any symptoms of a heart related disease and asthmatic patients are not allowed.
  • Physically challenged persons are asked not to participate.

How to Register for Gulder Ultimate Search 2019/2020

  1. Once you meet the above requirements then quickly visit the Gulder ultimate search website. Here
  2. A form will be appear, you are expected to input your details such as home address, your name, age etc. Please don’t supply false information.
  3. You have to submit this form on the website, then wait for a period of 24 hours for a follow up mail. This mail will indicate your status.
  4. If your application has been accepted you will be sent a mail containing a referee form which should be filled by your people or anyone closer to you.

Gulder Ultimate Search Registration Guide 2019 | See Audition Dates, Venues & Location”

Gulder Ultimate Search

At the time of writing this article the application or registration is not yet out.
Once it is out then the venue will be made known to you all.

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