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jamb caps accept admission-how to Check Your admission on Jamb caps 2019/2020

jamb caps accept admission-how to Check Your admission on Jamb caps 2019/2020

Come let’s show you the simple method to accept your admission on Jamb caps

Most jamb candidates have been asking this question

  • How do I check my admission status in caps portal and
  • How can I accept admission
  • How can i reject admission if I have not been offered admission yet

So if you have been asking the above questions the today we will give you the ultimate guide on how to achieve your aims

Understanding how jamb caps works is very important to every jamb candidates because this will enable you to know when other institutions you didn’t even chose while registering your Jamb has considered you for admission.

Steps To Check Your 2019/2020 Admission Status In Caps Portal

Please note that you can do this with your laptops, android phones, iPhone etc

You can check this on your own free of charge, it’s not difficult and it will only take you just 5 minutes to check

  • Just make sure you are connected to the Internet
  • If you are considered for admission it’s your duty to click on ACCEPT admission
  • But if you didn’t see any institution either University, Polytechnics or college of education this simply means you have not been considered for admission… Just remain calm

Warning : never you click on the ACCEPT icon when you have not been offered any admission yet.

Always remember that once you accept it can’t be reversed again, you just have to wait for it to reflect on Jamb admission list, then proceed to the institution to do your final clearance

Not Admitted In My Jamb Caps Portal/Market Place 2019/2020

Accept The Admission Status: most aspirant when they login to jamb caps portal to check of they have been considered for admission and they saw not Admitted they start to worry.

that you saw not Admitted doesn’t mean that you have lost the admission for life. no, it means that you are yet to be considered, so you keep checking.

once a school has considered you for admission surely you will see the “ACCEPT” which is an option to either accept or decline the admission offer.

Warning: never you attempt to click on ACCEPT when you have not been notified that a school has considered you for admission.

I Mistakenly Click Accept Admission In My Caps Portal?

some aspirant are only to inquisitive to find out about everything, some night even go over there and start clicking on ACCEPT every time.

well for now i have not seen anybody you complain about any effect he or she encountered after clicking on ACCEPT when he or she has not been considered for admission.

but the main problem here is when you have been considered for admission and you went ahead to click on then ACCEPT button only to realize that the school is too far or their tuition fee is exorbitant and you now want to revert your decision. my dear it can’t work, you are in there is no going back, so think twice before clicking on ACCEPT

how to accept admission on Jamb caps portal

check your admission status on JAMB Caps Portal now

check CAPS portal to see if other schools has offered you admission

click here to see when jamb will start giving admission

Resolve problem of invalid credentials here

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