Npower build (N-Build) portal showing coming back soon /see when registration will start – 2018

Npower build (N-Build) portal showing coming back soon /see when registration will start – 2018

Ever since the npower team made public about the 2018/2019 registration process a lot of applicants have been making an attempt to register for the program with out success.

Npower build
You can recall that the npower build program which is a sub category of the npower program was scheduled to start accepting applications from new applicants from 5th to 16th November 2018 but unfortunately due to some reasons the portal has been unresponsive ever since and this has left thousands if not millions of npower applicant to wonder what could be wrong and why will the portal be displaying coming back soon.

On behalf of npower team we apologize for this inconvenience that millions of applicants are passing through now just hang around everything will be resolve within some days to come.
For those who are asking if the npower portal which is is still functional or has the portal be short down completely should remove every doubt in their mind the npower build port remains
All you have to do is to keep checking the portal or keep visiting this page for update on the next available option to take.

Have you contacted the npower Team yet?

Pertaining this issue or problem on why the portal is “showing coming back soon” and if we have contacted the npower Team. Yes we have reach out to the team and they are aware that the portal is not in good shape and have promised to restore it back in few days to come.

When will the 2018/2019 npower build registration portal be open for registration :

As at the time of updating this article the management of npower build are still running around to put the website into good shape. Hopefully in few days to come the portal we be open.
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N-Power build registration portal 2018/2019

To be able to carry your registration successfully please click this link

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